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Important Forum Rules and Guides

Post by leereyzhe on Mon Jan 18, 2010 4:09 pm

Exclamation Poke Rules and Guides for the Squirrel Club fourms Exclamation

Rules: Violating these rules will make you lose health.
  • No spamming or useless posting.
  • Don't double post.
  • Make sure you post in the correct sub-forum.
  • Type properly enough so other people can understand you.
  • The F word is not allowed. Do ever not use the F word, it will be censored.
  • One account per user, If you dont like your name you can ask an Admin to change it.
  • Don't do anything inappropriate or illegal.
  • Do not EVER ask to be an Moderator! Razz

You can get experience points from posting.
Points per day: 100
Points per post: 150
Points per topic created: 500
Points per user friended: 200

Forum Shop: Coming Soon! Big Grin

Ranking System:
- 0 Posts
- 3 Posts
- 10 Posts
- 25 Posts
- 40 Posts
- 80 Posts
- 140 Posts
- 200 Posts
- Site Staff Member
- Site Moderator
- Site Owner

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